We Hindus have always had a sweet spot for God in our hearts. We celebrated each of our traditional occasions and festivals with love, Unity, and Joy. Our beloved culture has taught us so many meaningful and important lessons. Out of which worshipping Mother Nature by showing our respect and love towards nature can be considered really important at this point where our environment is heavily disturbed by all sorts of pollution. There are still many people today who won’t bother using the trash cans, instead  they tend  to litter their garbage in their healthy surrounding; maybe they have forgotten that Mother Nature is the sole reason of the existence. Since Mother Nature has already given us a lot, it is only fair if we do something for her in return. So, we at Mayur Kala Kendra have come up with an initiative to contribute our small yet meaningful part in saving the Mother Nature by introducing people to eco- friendly paper Ganesha. Every year we buy traditional POP (Plaster of Paris) Ganesha idols either for Ganesh Chaturthi or other occasions as the presence of Lord Ganesha is considered to bring in good luck and each year after this occasion and celebrations, debris and dust are left behind on the shores from these clay idols that further leads them to contribute to pollution in some form.

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Eco- Friendly Paper Ganpati

On the other hand, our eco- friendly Paper Ganpati idols are made with eco-friendly substances consisting of paper, cardboard and glue. These Paper Ganesha idols neither take anything from the nature nor give back anything to the nature, the eco- friendly idols are the best choice for Ganesh Chaturthi too as these idol completely dissolves under water after11 hours of submersion under water. Later the dissolved solution can be used for watering your plants.   Each day we have at least one person joining and supporting our Initiative by sharing our idea of eco- friendly Paper Ganesha. Wouldn’t it be great if you could contribute your part to the nature just my sharing our ideas among your family and friends and inspire them to opt for eco- friendly Paper Ganpati instead.  

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